Expertise and Solutions

Iunctura has expertise in Leadership & Talent Management in a wide variety of sectors including life sciences and biotechnology, financial services, industry, transportation and FMCG.
Organisation type experience includes public listed, large cap., family businesses, privately owned and Private Equity backed companies. We create bespoke solutions to specific corporate and individual requirements.  Our clients bring wide-ranging issues to us, including the challenges associated with motivating senior teams effectively in complex matrix structures, communicating corporate visions and engaging individuals cross culturally, beyond remuneration. We take each client as individual, with bespoke solutions across all of the areas below.

  Areas include:

  1. Talent Assessment

    Evaluating skills in creating strategic alignment during an integration process, following a major change in strategy, company ownership or restructuring.

    • Assessment of multiple Country Executive Teams. Organization went through a major strategic review, setting a new direction and organization structure with the overall aim of building an enduring competitive advantage. Executives were assessed on skills ‘at market’ and their ability to deal effectively with change and the ability to manage complexity with multiple stakeholders/markets.

    • Following demerger of a global MNC, potential Board-member executives were assessed against their leadership styles and how to make best use of the key components of their emotional intelligence. The exercise created increased awareness, engagement on potential and more confidence facing strategic market challenges ahead.

    • CEO transitioning from outside the organization, evaluated through an external talent exercise of the global senior management team. This enabled creation of a strategy that created economic value as well as setting the tone and style to develop strong relationships and company culture.

      Talent Assessment of Senior Executives following restructuring in a Global Manufacturing Group with focus on Asia Pacific. Retained by a Global Manufacturing Company (revenues in excess of US$15 bn) as part of a global project team assisting during the post merger integration of a major strategic acquisition. Focussed on Asia Pacific, and in a particularly tight timeframe provided input on individuals and business groups via feedback sessions and developmental discussions. Facilitated major leadership appointment decisions.

  2. Benchmarking

    Iunctura has the capability to undertake organisational level benchmarking for all senior roles up to and including Board level and also functional benchmarking versus the market across the globe.

    • Europe-based Talent Assessment, Benchmarking and Deployment of Senior Individuals to a new leadership team.  Part of a global team assisting with the integration process following the acquisition of an international division of mid-cap European public listed company by a private investor.  Focusing on Europe-based talent provided a pragmatic and nimble global talent benchmarking assessment process, including industry and leadership expertise. Evaluated acquired talent globally in a 6 weeks time frame; provided input to new leadership team and worked closely with a global leading management consulting firm on redeployment within the new organization structure.

    • Global Talent Assessment and Benchmarking, Appointment of Senior Individuals at a time of tremendous change in the European client company.  Retained by a privately held European company in the context of a newly developed business strategy, including assessment of organizational structure and capabilities.  The project involved a global talent benchmarking process in alignment with desired culture values; assessment of more than 85 executives globally, including C-suite. Evaluated executives’ overall effectiveness in their current role, their interest in and potential for success in other roles, as well as adaptability to a changing business strategy. The project resulted in successful redeployment decisions across geographies/business units. Individual feedback sessions brought renewed executive engagement and career ambition. The assessment process has been incorporated into annual review discussions and has formed part of a structured global internal leadership development program.

  3. Emotional Intelligence

    Input to professional development based use, effectiveness and emphasis of emotional competencies.

  4. Leadership Development and Processes

    Use of tools including 360 Reviews, Team Alignment\Effectiveness, Group Motivation and Executive Coaching. Additionally, certified in a number of external validated assessment tools.

    • Provided 360 review framework and feedback using recognized, premium, researched and validated competency development tools to identify high potential and future leaders in high performing organizations.

    • Designed and ran a bespoke workshop for a large privately owned European organization, going through a major strategic shift, resulting in important management changes. Focus was on exploiting capabilities, resources, experimenting with different products, services, business models and processes, providing greater transparency and optimizing synergies.

    • Executive Coaching assignments are programs designed to working business leaders and typically include newly appointed CEO’s and high potential future leaders, across different geographies and cultures.

  5. International Credentials and Cultural Awareness

    • Assisting large organizations in evaluating talent cross culturally and deploy globally. Solid experience in accompanying global leaders on foreign assignments outside their home market.

    • Following the appointment of a highly talented European female executive to a Country General Management position in the Middle East, the individual was challenged in establishing herself in a formal leadership role. The assignment focused on helping her to become more effective in reorganising a team, bringing out the best in them and communicating a vision in an effective and inspirational manner. Additionally helped her to balance driving results with achieving a realistic work/life balance.

    • Being part of a well-planned succession planning process, the senior executive was appointed CEO of a large, complex multi-billion dollar business. Challenges faced were assuming a collaborative leadership style in a conservative and traditional but rapidly changing business model with a number of hostile relationships at peer level in a highly diverse cultural setting.

    • Assisted infrastructure operator in evaluating individuals from acquired businesses and helped to determine best fit.  Conducted talent reviews in Africa and Europe visiting centres in, for example, Tanzania and Congo to advice returnees in their home market from overseas to best use and leverage their talent and experience.

    • Assessed the prospective new CEO for a major pan-European family business. Following the appointment of an external candidate, challenged and supported the individual through real-life situations and challenges; recommended further development actions to support behavioural change and growth.